The previous week proved to be a game changer for Korean electronics giant LG as the World Intellectual Property Office issued the company a patent for “Curlable Mobile Terminal”. The smartphone will possess a screen that can be folded in and out along with a second screen and multiple cameras.

The patent reveals a screen that can be rolled and has a case on either side of the display. Three applications can be run at a time in the full display mode.

The right casing has the mechanical elements for control and may also work as a roller. Near the left casing, a smaller touchscreen is present and it also has a stylus.

Since Korean manufacturers have the patent over developing 3-D cameras for smartphones, the phone might be incorporated with stereo cameras to allow people to click 3-D pictures.

The phone might also house a button as a fingerprint scanner, for volume control and as the power button.

A curlable screen is probably all we needed in smartphones now. Are you excited to see this breakthrough in the world of smartphones? Let us know!


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