Thinking about buying a new mouse? Logitech is the best manufacturer in as far as gaming peripherals are concerned. I have personally used their products. They are meticulously crafted for the perfect experience. We have many reviews of the top Logitech models, and here we are again with another mouse from the house of Logitech.

This one is the successor of the G302 which was the company’s flagship wired mouse. It uses a top-end sensor in a compact, lightweight yet sturdy body. Also, when coupled with the gaming software the mouse just works bliss.


At first glance, it will remind you of the G302, with its long, thin and awkward angles. But once you hold it, it will feel natural and easy to use. It is also quite small, which might be a dealbreaker if you are a fan of a beefy mouse.

The mouse has a total of 6 buttons, all of which are reprogrammable, even the left and right-click. There are two spare buttons on the left side of the mouse, these need to be programmed before use.

A minimalist approach has been followed in the designing of the Logitech G303. Most of the mouse has a matte finish, leaving the two LED color-pads on the rear side of the mouse.

The bottom side of the mouse is also crafted nicely, it feels great and seems like it is gliding on the surface, be it a desk or a gamepad.


Most of the features are unlocked once you install the Logitech’s Gaming Software. Without it, you can’t change the light color, light pattern, or adjust the dpi settings, you can also set up multiple profiles from the software.

You can use the default dpi tiers or fine-tune your own settings then cycle through them at any time with the dedicated button under the scroll wheel. The button also serves as a sniping tool when gaming as you might need to change the pointer sensitivity rapidly when you zoom in while playing a shooting game.

The software also lets you select what kind of surface you are using the mouse on and will adjust the sensitivity accordingly. Moreover, you can add any new surface and do a tracking test so that the mouse can automatically adjust the sensor with the surface.


Logitech G303 boasts a metal-spring and a button-tensioning system which is meant to keep the left and right mouse buttons precisely positioned to reduce the pre-travel and backlash, hence giving more responsive and tactile feedback.

The mouse is using Logitech’s PMW3366 sensor for tracking. It allows smooth tracking even at high sensitivity and minimizes the acceleration. All the above-mentioned features add up to create a sturdy, stylish and responsive mouse.


The gaming mouse market is quite saturated and all companies have almost the same specifications to offer. So, manufacturers are having an edge over the software, and Logitech seems well versed with this trend.

The company has its own Gaming Software available on the website for free. Once installed, the software can control almost anything, you get to program the buttons, switch profiles, change dpi, polling rates and much more. Moreover, you can also customize the lighting of the LED side-panels and the Logitech Logo. You can choose from up to 16.8 different hues, coupled with various dynamic lighting effects.


Logitech G303 is reliable and wins out on the durability also. Although, it is a bit on the pricier side but that seems justified once you start using it. It will work perfectly fine irrespective of gaming or work. If you want a wireless alternative to this one then you can look for the G903.

Logitech G303 can be purchased for $384.99 from Amazon.

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