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The Logitech G502 gaming mice have come a long way since the very first one was launched nearly five years ago. It’s safe to say that these have been widely accepted as the best gaming mice ever since, thanks to their high-quality sensors, the ergonomic design and the inventive scroll-wheel options. However, despite all the features that led to their popularity(and those pretty RGB LED lights!), the one issue that was always raised at every research event and social forum is the lack of a wireless model. No matter how increasingly advanced and state-of-the-art their technology became over the years, the G502 models have been exclusively wired mice. 

But that changed this year when we were introduced to the wireless Logitech G502 Lightspeed. The revolutionary High Efficiency Rated Optical(HERO) 16K sensor is the engineering miracle which made this wireless mouse possible without adding extra weight to the already bulky 120g design – rather, the new design is seven grams lighter than the previous versions. The sensor allowed the Logitech engineers to fit the G502 with a battery that is a fraction of the size of what has been used till now. Even then, the battery life has not been compromised at all – in fact, Logitech has managed to further increase their characteristic longevity. The Lightspeed promises a 48-hour running time with the default lighting mode, and up to 60 hours with the RGB LEDs deactivated.

Many gamers tend to avoid wireless mice for fear of compromised speed and receptivity, but the Lightspeed wireless technology ensures a wireless connection every bit as efficient and effortless as any wired one. It also comes with Logitech’s Powerplay wireless charging system, which means you can keep the mouse charged without interrupting your gameplay. The 11 programmable buttons make it easier for you to customise your gaming experience in every aspect. 

Perhaps the only drawback of the G502 Lightspeed is its substantial price. At $150, the wireless Lightspeed mouse is almost double the usual $80 price tag of Logitech G502 mice. 


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