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Gaming has a huge fan base community in today’s world. Well, yes definitely it should be, as it is a crazy source of entertainment. And if we are talking about PC Gaming, then you must be knowing about the MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) Games and you might also be mad at these. For playing these games, you do need a good set of equipment. As talking about types of equipment, although a good CPU and display are needed, you also need a good gaming mouse for these games which require a lot of combat moves. Let’s take a look at one of the best mouse for these games – Logitech G600.

The Logitech G600 is a gaming mouse, which is pre-configured for optimal MMO use right out of the box. This device has its own advantage as it provides 20 MMO tuned buttons which provides you advance controls with quick and no-look navigation. It contains a set 12 hotkeys on the right side, which makes the hotkey-heavy gameplay of most MMOs easier on your wrists.



  • Height: 118 mm
  • Width: 75 mm
  • Depth: 41 mm
  • Weight: 133 g mouse only
  • Cable length: 2.10 m


  • Resolution: 200 – 8,200 DPI
  • Zero smoothing/acceleration/filtering
  • Max. acceleration: > 30 G
  • Max. speed: > 160 IPS


  • USB data format: 16 bits/axis
  • USB report rate: 1000 Hz (1ms)
  • Microprocessor: 32-bit ARM


  • Buttons (Left / Right): 20-million clicks
  • PTFE Feet: 250-km range



The G600 version has three primary buttons, 12 thumb buttons, a clickable scroll wheel that tilts and a G-switch to double down and dominate. It gives you advanced control for multiple combat moves required for MMO Games. The company also provides Logitech G Hub through which you gain full programmability and customization of the device.


It provides you instant access to the 12 MMO Buttons on the right side of the mouse under your thumb. It helps in reducing both learning time and action timings, also minimizing misclicks.


Using the G-Shift button on the top, you can exactly double the number of customizable functions of the MMO Skills. While holding down the G-Shift button activates a second function to each G key or you can also use G-Shift to temporarily change DPI settings for extra cursor precision.


The G600 version has a gaming-grade laser sensor that delivers precision at any hand speed and tracks across a wide range of surfaces to register even the most subtle hand movements. It has the sculpted shape and tuned buttons that reduce click fatigue during marathon multiplayer sessions.

Review of the Logitech G600

This advanced mouse might seem a little tricky for you at the beginning, as it would be hard to reach all the 12 MMO keys. I would like to say that this device is designed for right-handed people only and not suitable for small hands. It also seems less appealing to FPS games. The DPI can be adjusted only by toggling between different profiles with pre-set DPI’s ranging from 200 to 8,200 that must be programmed in advance through the G600’s downloadable software.

But all the issues are quite small and can be overlooked. This is a mouse from one of the top manufacturers of PC gaming hardware, and it has pretty much everything you need in a mouse if you play MMOs. I would say that this device has got a whole lot for gaming, be it of any type and you can go for it.

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