logitech g903
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The market is crowded with wide options to cater to the needs of various gamers. But Logitech has managed to secure its positon on the top list. Not to mention, the products are top-notch performers in the industry and have one of the best interfaces.

The Gaming empire is often crowded with wired mice, as they are known to provide a better gaming performance. With Logitech it’s not the case, they have excelled in the wireless game territory. Let’s see one of the most showcased models of Logitech.

First Impressions

The mouse is a beauty in itself, Logitech has given it the premium touch. Even the box is pretty premium, and the mouse seems to welcome you to the Logitech’s premium family.

The box has literally everything you will need, carrying case for the side buttons, optional weight, USB receiver, and dongle. The mouse has a very aggressive look with precious cut buttons and angled design. The ambidextrous design has evoked mixed impressions from many people. Since, the design is great for both left/right handed users, which is a great advantage.


logitech g903
source: prosettings.net


Even if the design is not ergonomic, the mouse is very comfortable and manages to stay in line for gaming sessions.

Loads of things

The mouse has a ton of customization options, in line with plenty of buttons. It has 11 programmable buttons, which is pretty much all you need in a gaming mouse. It only weighs 110g which is very light regarding this is a wireless mouse.

logitech g903

The box has an optional chuck of 10g which can be fitted in the bottom to attain the right weight balance. The buttons on the side are magnetically attached and can be stuck on any side given you are left/right handed.

Premium tech

Everything in the mouse is professionally tuned, It features the 3366 optical sensor, which is considered as the best, it translates all the mouse movements with pixel perfect precision.

logitech g903
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The mouse connects to the computer via a micro-dongle connected to the PC, but also you can stick the receiver on the end of the charging cable to increase the range. There is no change in response time or range but still, this counts as a feature.

The mouse also features custom storage in-built to store up to 5 different profiles, you can set up the profiles for different games, or work, etc. Another rare feature is the battery life indicator on the center of the mouse.

More on this

The mouse is quite durable, incorporating mechanical switches manufactured by Omron. As a matter of fact, these keys are guaranteed to run for up to 20 million clicks. Also, the mouse can be dragged for up to 250 km for it to start giving any issues.

Also, the keys are very responsive. Thanks to the custom LIGHTSPEED technology, the mouse provides a tremendously small response time of 1ms. Additionally, it never seems to lack any bit of movement, the latency, and movement trigger are precise making it even better than most of its wired siblings.

logitech g903
source: prosettings.net

Therefore, the fact that wireless mouse are not suited for gaming is just a myth. Likewise, taking about the battery life, it is also quite impressive. You get 24 hours of gameplay with the RGB lights on and up to 30 hrs of maximum gameplay, which is quite impressive.

Also, if you are out of juice you can plug the charger and use the mouse as a wired one. But if you seem to lack the wireless freedom feel in the wired charging. Then read along to get amazed.

Ultimate money, Ultimate premium

With this being one of the most premium models of Logitech’s artillery, it is already fairly expensive. On top of that if you have (lots of) money, then you can get a specialized mouse pad called the Logitech PowerPlay.

logitech g903
source: Logitech

The pad essentially creates an electromagnetic charging field that the mouse can absorb with the power core module attached in place of the 10g weight at the bottom. By using this pad, the mouse can pull a constant current enough to power it and charge the battery simultaneously, but the charging speed is very, very slow.

Not only that, but the mat also comes with a wireless receiver, so now you don’t need two plugs separately for the dongle. The PowerPlay mat is very convenient but it can take up to 14 hours to charge the mouse from 0 to 100. Still, it will be usable while wirelessly charging over the mat.

Final thoughts

The mouse is the beast and is one of the best picks in the wireless category. You should go for it blindfolded if money is not a barrier. The mouse alone costs $ 149.99 and the PowerPlay mat costs $ 99.99 . So, go ahead and purchase it if you can (no offence).


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