Mark Zuckerberg wants the government to regulate Facebook and online platforms
Source: the sun

In a recent letter to Washington Post, Mark Zuckerberg admitted that Facebook must be regulated by the government. The CEO of the biggest social networking platform also wrote that other online portals should be controlled as well.

He believes that Facebook has got way too much power of speech that now requires a constant check.

He wrote:

I believe we need a more active role for governments and regulators. By updating the rules for the Internet, we can preserve what’s best about it.

In the letter, he discussed four major aspects that the lawmakers should monitor. They are harmful content, election integrity, privacy, and data portability.

He ended his letter by saying that Facebook has a responsibility to help address the above-mentioned issues. And that he’s looking forward to discussing them with lawmakers around the world.

Zuckerberg’s letter has come amid already worsen scenario regarding Facebook’s criticism. It was previously accused of sharing the private information related to millions of its users with Cambridge Analytica.

Moreover, it came under the scanner, again, a few weeks ago. It was when the video of the terror attack in New Zealand was live-streamed. The attacker streamed it on Facebook.

Additionally, the social media platform is also facing humongous pressure from lawmakers to monitor content during the elections in India.


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