The data of numerous important politicians, broadcasters and celebrities was leaked in Germany. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s personal information, including emails sent to and by her.

It was one of the biggest data dumps in the history of the country. German cybersecurity agency head Arne Schönbohm said that the data of over 1,000 politicians was leaked, even though one particular political party remained unaffected. Martina Feitz, spokeswoman of Merkel’s office, said that even though no sensitive data was leaked, the government is taking the matter seriously.

Numerous reports have stated that the data was supposedly leaked from the Twitter account with the handle @_0rbit –. The account has been suspended by Twitter. Apparently, the account had begun sharing the stolen information in December, probably even earlier than that and the breach was discovered only recently.

The hackers had to loom for over a week over the Bundestag IT System to get through it. In order to fix the breach, the whole system had to be shut down. Even after the strong security system built by the German cyber defense unit, this kind of invasion of privacy was pulled off.

Apart from the lower section of the Bundestag, data of politicians from local assemblies and the European Parliament was also leaked.


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