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Maxim 9 first integrally suppressed pistol

With Maxim 9 you can say goodbye to the days where you used to carry suppressors separately and the days you used the same suppressor for multiple firearms.

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Remember the time when you forgot the suppressor(you probably wouldn’t) here’s SilencerCo the worlds first integrally suppressed pistol. Maxim 9 is an integrally suppresses 9mm pistol. It uses Glock 17 magazines.

This pistol is famous for its odd shape which provides the pistol an integrally suppressed design. The suppressor function is directly built in the gun itself.

This pistol was first announced back in April 2015 but has been in development all these years.

Advantages over normal handguns

  • A suppressor is directly built in the gun.
  • Extremely useful in the case of sudden emergencies.
  • The gun could also be holstered and carried

Unmovable suppressor between the firearms is the gun’s biggest disadvantage. This forces the users to pay $200 stamp for a suppressor that can only be used by a single gun.

Notable features

  • Glock 17 magazines.
  • Ambidextrous controls.
  • Slots for accessories.
  • Drilled for a red dot.
  • Integrally suppressed design.
  • Baffles can be removed/added.

Maxim 9 Specifications

The short configuration has a length of 9.54 inches and weighs 2.5 lb while the long configuration is 10.75 inches in length and weighs 2.7 lb. Maxim 9 uses 9m caliber.

  •  Capacity: 17+1-Round
  •  Cartridge: 9 mm
  •  Finish: Black
  •  Front Sight: White Dot
  •  Length: 10.75″
  •  Magazine Included: 1 x 17-Round
  •  Magazine Type: Removable
  •  Muzzle: Flash Suppressor
  •  Rear Sight: Fixed Two Dot
  •  Stock Material: Polymer
  •  Weight: 2.32 lbs

Maxim 9 sound suppression readings

Hearing safe with 9mm subsonic ammunition — 147gr or above. 147 gr: 139.9 dB.            The pistol comes with a Cerakote™ finish which gives it a bright look. This pistol Reduces typical supersonic 115-grain ball ammo report to 137.1dB.

This is the first gun with an internal suppressor. Reviews of this gun are not great but say that this gun is still reliable.

This gun is available for $1,499
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