Meizu Zero rear

Meizu, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer has launched the world’s first buttonless and portless smartphone. Yes, you heard it right. Other smartphones generally come with the volume buttons, charging ports, and so on. But the Meizu Zero has none of these. And that is the main highlight of this phone that helps it stand out among all the others.

You must be wondering about the functionality of the phone. Well, it seems like Meizu has it figured out. It has been built with a capacitive panel on the sides of the phone. And functions as the volume up/down and the power on/off buttons. A piezoelectric transducer has been embedded below the screen which does the job of a speaker and the phone will be charged with a wireless charging facility. The only downside of this device as far as we are concerned is that it will only run with an e-sim since there is no sim tray as well. 

The Meizu Zero comes with a 5.99 inch AMOLED display. And has a Snapdragon 845 and an Adreno 630 GPU under the hood. It has an Octa core processor and comes in 4GB or 6GB RAM options. It has a 12MP and 20MP primary cameras on the rear. And has a 20MP front camera. 

Although the Meizu Zero has officially been released, the price hasn’t been out as yet. It will be available in two colours, White and Black.


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