Microsoft Surface Hub 2S

Microsoft announced its Surface Hub 2 last year and its price and release date has been announced. This Surface Hub 2S will be launched as a part of Surface Hub 2S. The launch will take place in the United Stated in coming June. A 50 inch Surface Hub 2S will cost $9000 plus $1500 for the custom designed Steelcase Roam.

The Surface Hub 2S has 3840×2560 pixel resolution and Intel 8th gen Core i5 processor with 8GB RAM, Wifi, Bluetooth, Ethernet and 128GB solid state drive(SSD). There are various connectivity options like USB-A, USB-C. An optional battery pack allows the users to move the system in the middle of a meeting without having to pause the whole session. This battery allows the system to run for 2 hours unplugged. The device will come pre-loaded with customised Microsoft software along with Surface Hub 2 camera and Surface Hub 2 pen.

Microsoft and Steelcase have emphasized on the mobility aspect of the device. By 2020, the device will even have a bigger 85 inch model.


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