forza street racing game
Source: Microsoft Xbox Wire

The Forza car racing franchise is one of Microsoft’s most popular game series. Now, the company is expanding the series to Android and iOS users.

Microsoft officially announced Forza Street, a free-to-play racing game, today. And the good news is, the game is out now for Windows 10 users, but will also expand to Android and iOS phones and tablets later this year.

The Forza Street racing game itself centers on street racing. Players, in this game, take control of various vehicles with the goal to win events.

Various single player races and chapters are available for players. After winning, they get points to upgrade their existing cars and get better parts or new and faster vehicles.

The main Forza Motorsport game series for Xbox and PC is created for racing sim fans. Apart from that, it seems like Forza Street is made for casual gamers looking for a more arcade experience.

Racers will have to concentrate on hitting the gas and brake pedals and timing their boosts to win races. The plus point is that the game provides players with a true cinematic game play experience!

However, Forza Street is strictly a single player experience for Windows 10 users, but Microsoft plans on adding new features to the game in the coming months. Hopefully, when the game arrives for Android, we will see multiplayer added to it!

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