Microsoft surface 3

It has been only about 5 months since Microsoft surface laptop 3 was launched, but it seems that it is not going to have a smooth sail in this competitive market. Microsoft surface laptop 3 was launched in 2 variants of 13.5″ and 15″ sporting Intel and AMD processor respectively. It is one of the best contenders in its price segment especially the 13.5″ version.

The problem faced by Microsoft is that, since last month, some users of laptop 3 have reported cracks appearing on their laptop’s screen without their fault. Many Users took to forums such as Reddit and Microsoft’s own forums to report their issues regarding the same.
“I have the same problem. A micro crack appeared on the right hand side of my Laptop 3. No damage caused by me,” one user noted on a forum.

While some users convinced Microsoft to get a free replacement, Microsoft is making most of the other users to pay for the replacement.

Microsoft surface 3
Microsoft surface 3

In their address to Microsoft, ZDNet got the following response:
“A limited number of Surface Laptop customers have contacted Microsoft and have reported screens that have cracked through no fault of their own. We are evaluating the situation and investigating the root cause of the claims.” 

The reason for the issue is still unknown but according to some techies, this issue is mainly appearing in the non-Alcantara aluminium version of the laptop in which the screen is cracking due to direct friction of glass with aluminum casing.

Last year, Microsoft surface pro 4 showed screen flickering problem and Microsoft did free replacements. Though Microsoft has taken note of the issue, it is still to be seen whether the problem has gone as big as requiring a call up of the laptops. Although it is apparent that, this is a case of something more than careless handling.


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