Minecraft is touted as one of the most successful games of all time. If you are creative and want to challenge your skills then you can bet on Minecraft. Never heard of it? Well, no surprise you are here. Keep reading and you will be in absolute love with Minecraft.

The best of sandbox

Sandbox games are the games in which the player has the ability to create, modify or destroy their environment accordingly. Minecraft is considered as the best sandbox video game ever. It was written by Swedish game developer Markus Persson and was released by Mahjong in 2011.


The look of the game is quite aesthetic and unique. Many gamers enjoy the outdated chunky visuals offered by the game. The game’s unique appearance is memorable and brings up a bit of nostalgia for the old gaming consoles.

Consider Minecraft as a digital world made up of small cubic blocks. Everything in the game resembles a LEGO builder set. The game gives complete freedom to its players, there is no specific task to perform in the game. Players are free to mine the blocks and place them elsewhere, hence creating different structures and building. The core gameplay revolves around collecting blocks and using creativity to build your own empire.


The game also contains rivers, caves, waterfalls, and animals. Moreover, you can breed a variety of animals or slaughter them for useful products. Different types of animals that can be bred are pigs, sheep, cows, and chickens.


When the sun sets in the virtual world, you are prone to be attacked by different kinds of monsters. These monsters are able to spawn on any of the dark tiles in the game. The different kinds of monsters you will encounter while playing are –

  • Spider: They are low and wide, spiders are able to climb vertical surfaces and tend to jump right on your face.
  • Zombies: They are slow melee oppressors, they always walk in a straight line and are able to hop over short obstacles laid in front of them.
  • Skeleton: They prefer to circle you and fire arrows.
  • Endermen: They are tall, teleporting creatures and get angry when you look at them.
  • Creepers: They are iconic, green cactus-like Minecraft enemies that populate the fan art. They scuttle towards you and then explode. The explosion leads to severe damage and tears a great chunk of the structure around it.

You can craft a shelter to hide from the monsters. Nevertheless, you can also try to craft a tool to kill these tiny menaces.

Digital pleasure-ground


The game provides you with a sense of satisfaction as you progress further. There is no concept of money, or buying anything. Whatever you need, you will have to make it by yourself. Making a small door, or extracting your first block every small bit counts.

The game is great as the freedom it provides to do literally anything in the game. But the game lags to provide a detailed guide as to how you can create items in Minecraft. To learn how to forge weapons you will have to refer to online sources, this should be pre-included with the game.

Initially, you may find it hard to play, or simply boring. But as you build your first structure your brain will crave for more. Slowly as you understand the game, you will be addicted to it.


Adventuring with friends and flaunting your achievements is always fulfilling. Therefore, Minecraft also offers multiplayer support, which is quite tedious to set up but surely pays off at the end.

Internet Sensation


The game was not this popular in its initial days. But, Microsoft had purchased Minecraft back in 2014 for $ 2.5 billion. Since then, the game has sold around 144 million copies around the globe. Also, the game enjoys a monthly userbase of around 74 million players making is an internet sensation. With such a large userbase, Minecraft surpasses even some of the modern popular games which have exceptional graphics.


Maybe you will like it a lot, maybe you won’t. Still, it is a great game and would suggest you give it a shot. Minecraft is like a blank page, it is as creative as you want it to be. Minecraft is available for all major platforms and can be purchased for $ 26.95 from the official Microsoft website.


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