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Mitron Is Actually A Repackaged Version Of Pakistani App TicTic

The App Mitron Which Gained A Lot Of Popularity Within The Indian Masses, According To The Quint Mitron Is Actually A Repackaged Pakistani App TicTic. The Quint’s Website Also Shows Proofs Like Similarity In Source Code.

Also, According To Inc42, The Publisher Of Mitron Has Admitted That The App Is Developed By A Pakistan-based App Development Company Qboxus. It Is Said The Source Code Was Bought For 34$(~2500 Rs). The Issue Is Really Getting Complex Now. It All Started With Indians Wanting To Ban TikTok Because Of Its Origin From China. An Alternative Which Was Assumed To Be Indian Is Said To Be From Pakistan Now.

If You Are Familiar With The TikTok Vs YouTube War Going On, You Must Know That A Lot Of People Want TikTok To Be Banned. This App Has Gained More Than 50 Lakh (5 Million) Downloads In A Few Weeks!

Mitron On PLay Store, Looks Exactly Like TicTic
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Will A Repackaged Pakistani App Still Be Popular?

With Rising Demands For TikTok Ban In India, This App Comes As An Alternative To TikTok. There Are Two Reasons People Were Willing To Use This App. The First Being TikTok Being In A Controversial Position. Hate Against TikTok Has Grown A Lot In A Past Few Days. The Second Being Anti-China Wave In India After The Prime Minister Has Requested People To Be “Vocal For Local”. Now This App Being From Pakistan May Result In Decline In Users.

What Does Mitron Look Like?

It Looks Like A Twin Of TikTok And Looks Exactly Like TicTic. The UI Is Almost Like TikTok And The App Surely Looks Like A Rip-Off. You Can Also See The Comparison Of The Two Apps Below And Realize How Much It Looks Like TikTok. But This Can Also Be Considered A Good Thing Since The UI Will Be Easier To Use For People Who Look Forward To Shift Form TikTok.

TikTok And Mitron UI Is Similar If Compared

Will People Leave Mitron?

Mitron Ranking: Mitron Is Actually A Repackaged Pakistani App, Will This Change Everything?
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So, The App Is Only Available For Android Platform As Of Now. If You Closely See The Comment Section For This App Where People Admitted That The App Is Buggy, But They Still Wanted To Use It Because Of Its Indian Origin. The App Is On Number 5 On Top Charts: Top Free. Also, It Is Just Next To TikTok On The List.

Will It Grow More Popular Or Lose Its UserBase?

Mitron May Face Issues In Future Since The UI Looks Almost Like TikTok. The App Has Received A Lot Of Positive Comments So Far Now, But Being A Complete Rip-Off Of TikTok And A Pakistani Origin May Bring This App Problem. We Will Have To Wait And See What Happens To This App.

Do You Think The App Will Replace TikTok? Are Your Opinions Changed After You Knowing Mitron Is Actually A Repackaged Pakistani App? Do Tell Us Down In The Comments Below.

We’ll Keep You Updated About This App. Until Then Stay Tuned On KickGadget For The Best Of Tech News.

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