msi afterburner

Are you satisfied with the gaming performance of your graphics card? Well, generally manufacturers clock the GPU and other components at a speed to control the temperature rise of the system and increase its stability. But if you want that extra juice out of your graphics card then you can use an overclocking tool.

Clocking Introduction

You might have heard the processor or GPU clocked at let’s say 2.2Ghz. It means, the clock speed is set to 2.2 GHz but you can change the speed with the help of software, to increase its efficiency or power. If you increase the clock speed to 2.5 GHz then there will be a significant boost in performance. If you decrease the clock speed to 2.0 GHz then it will grant better stability.

This is collectively overclocking and underclocking respectively. Many users with mid-range PC overclock their GPU to increase its performance, which is quite great, but the heat generation due to overclocking is a major issue for all.

Presenting MSI Afterburner

msi afterburner

Created by the well-known Taiwan based company MSI (Micro-Star International), this utility is a great choice for overclocking your PC. With plenty of options available in a splendid and intuitive UI.

Afterburner has many features to set it apart from the crowd, For instance

  • It can sync the fan speed according to the processor clock.
  • It gives you full control of your graphics card.
  • You can change the voltage, fan speed, processor clock all in a sleek interface.
  • All the necessary details are displayed on the gaming screen, such as clock speed, temperature, memory, ram, voltage, etc.
  • Hardware monitor keeps in tab the status of critical hardware condition
  • It has custom profiles to set up for different scenes, such as gaming, streaming, movies, etc. Profiles can be changed by hotkeys.
  • Features the latest OC Scanner feature to fetch the highest overclock speed for the graphics card. Only available for RTX 20 series graphics cards for now.
  • Custom user skins to provide you the fresh and clean interface always.

Moreover, it’s totally free so you can try it out now from here. The package is light weighing just 45 MB.

The application is available for Windows, Android and even for remote servers. Probably the Android platform integration is a very unique feature for it.

FYI: The android utility is not for overclocking your Android device, as you would expect. Instead, it is meant to monitor and control the GPU performance of your PC via the android app.

Now, the usual

msi afterburner

DANGER ALERT: Overclocking is not an easy thing to do, in case anything is done wrong, it can result in the permanent malfunction of the hardware. Overclocking should always be done in the limits. Overclocking also generates heat which if not properly cooled can cause major circuit damage. Kickgadget is not liable for any damage to you and your property caused by the overclocking utility, the above article is just for educational purposes.


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