NASA shared the first 8K quality footage of the space. This allows us to see the earth the way astronauts see it. This intriguing video is driving netizens and nerds crazy after the Hubble’s Southern Crab Nebula pics on its 29th anniversary.

This video featured the ISS and astronauts working in it. It goes all the way from zero gravity experiments to growing Flora in Microgravity.

Microgravity lets astronauts move any object without applying much force.

The video also featured the minus 80-degree laboratory freezer that keeps experiments cool.


The advanced plant habitat featured in this video is the largest growth chamber aboard the ISS. This system requires minimal crew involvement to install the science, add water, and for other maintenance activities.

NASA claims that the experiments being conducted onboard holds the key to understanding our future in space and on earth.

This video hit the 90k mark within a day of uploading.

The technology deployed in the ISS is good enough to tackle a WALL-E situation. But let’s just hope that it never occurs. Check this article out featuring exotic images of space captured by Hubble Space Telescope.

Hubble turns 29! Unlocking the great mysteries


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