PUBG game on mobile

Nepal authorities ban Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds. All internet and mobile providers of Nepal are required to enforce a ban. In the multiplayer game, a player searches for weapons and continues his or her survival by killing others. The last standing player or team wins.

According to authorities, children are becoming more addictive and aggressive due to this game. According to Kathmandu post, The Metropolitan Crime Division had filed a Public Interest Litigation at the Kathmandu District Court on Wednesday, seeking permission to ban PUBG. A lot of complaints in the past by parents and teachers about the negative impact of the game on child’s psychology forced Nepal Telecommunications Authority(NTA) to enforce a ban. The NTA directed all the ISPs to block any streaming of PUBG. “Based on a letter from the crime division, we have ordered all internet and mobile service providers to ban the game,” said Purushottam Khanal, acting chairman of the Nepal Telecommunication Authority. “We sought an order from the court to ban PUBG after floods of complaints from parents, guardians and school organisations to block the game citing psychological impact on teenagers and students,” senior police official Dhiraj Pratap Singh told AFP. Singh even added that the move was advised by psychiatrists.

The internet or mobile service provider will also face action if they do not implement the ban”,said Singh

Whether such games make children violent or not has always been an issue to debate on. Some say that the violence in game makes people carry out the same in real world whereas some others don’t support this.


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