Netflix mobile plan
Netflix mobile plan

As per reports, streaming giant Netflix is testing cheaper mobile-only plans for select countries, specifically those in Asia-Pacific. Currently, the plan has launched in Malaysia with a price of $4.05 a month. The aim behind including this mobile plan is to target mobile users and increase subscriptions.

The benefits of the mobile plan are similar to those in the basic plan i.e HD, Ultra HD feature will not be available and users can only watch on a single screen at a time. It’s a good move to attract customers with cheaper rates instead of lowering the price of their existing plans.

Plans for Netflix in India start with a ‘Basic’ plan at ₹500($7.00) where HD, Ultra HD is not available. Users can watch on only 1 screen at a time. The ‘Standard’ plan is priced at ₹650($9.10) where HD is available but Ultra HD is not. The ‘Standard’ plan allows users to watch on 2 screens at a time. The ‘Premium’ plan is priced at ₹800($11.20) where HD and Ultra HD both are available & allows users to watch on 4 screens at the same time. Finally, we have the ‘Ultra’ plan priced at ₹950($13.3). The only difference between ‘Ultra’ & ‘Premium’ is that audio quality is the best in the business in ‘Ultra’.

Netflix has a user base of around 137 million, 79 million of which reside outside the United States. They are missing out on customers due to their expensive pricing compared to local alternatives in many countries. To compete with the rivals like Hotstar, iFlix, Amazon Prime Video etc. in India, Netflix has to lower their prices. Apart from offering lower prices, Netflix is also looking to increase the local content in the Asia-Pacific region.

It will be good to watch the pricing war between the streaming giants and how the users benefit from the same. Stay tuned for more updates!


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