Netflix Smart Download for iOS
Source: Radio Times

Netflix announced on Thursday that the Netflix Smart Download for iOS will be rolled out soon. The feature was first made available to Android devices in July, 2018.

By the Smart Download feature, the next episode is automatically downloaded after one finishes watching an episode.

To activate Smart Downloads, one needs to download the latest version of the Netflix app for iOS. After the update is done, open the app and go to the My Downloads section. The Smart Downloads option is present at the top of the page. The feature can be activated by turning it on and off from there.

Like the app’s Android version, Netflix Smart Download for iOS allows saving videos for watching them offline. It then automatically deletes the episode once a user has finished watching it. This helps to conserve storage space on devices. If the feature is enabled, it also automatically downloads the next episode if the device is connected to Wi-Fi.

The offline streaming service first introduced during late 2016. The content available for download was limited then. Disney did not allow it’s content to be up for offline streaming. But, ever since Netflix started releasing more of it’s original content, there is a lot more available for downloads.



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