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New PUBG Update brings New Vehicles, Weapons and More!

Pubg new update
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And the popular PUBG game is back with a new beta update and has introduced many new weapons and vehicles and so much more! The new version, 0.11.5, consumes 1.7 GB of data for Android OS. As of now, the update is available for download on Tencent’s website and will soon make its way to the Google Play Store. Read further to know what the new update has brought to the game.

The PUBG Changelog with the v0.11.5 Update:

  1. New G36C Rifle– Fires 5.56 mm rounds which are also used by the might M416 and M16A4. However, it will replace the SCAR-L and only be limited to the Vikendi map.
  2. New Tukshai (Auto-Rickshaw)– Exclusively available to the Sanhok region and will replace three other vehicles namely Jeep, Dacia (Sedan) and the Mini Bus.
  3. Reformed Zombies– These reformed fictional zombies will now be able to enter the area where they previously couldn’t. Also, they will now be able to enter a weakened state during the match from time to time.
  4. Default “I got supplies” Message– The update will add the “I got supplies” message as a default option in the message bar. This feature will be highly appreciated by squads.
  5. Dynamic Weather – The most popular Erangel and Miramar maps will now receive dynamic weather conditions. In short, the weathers in these locations will be changing continuously. Weather conditions like rain will reduce the visibility making the game harder to play. This will make the game more indulging.



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