New Weekly Subscription Plan Of Netflix

Watching TV shows, movies and documentaries will be more fun and affordable as Netflix will soon start a 7 day subscription plan in India at just Rs 65.

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Well, everyone is aware of Netflix. The American Media services provider founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph has reached over 139 million paid subscriptions worldwide. Watching movies, documentaries and T.V shows will be more affordable now as Netflix is all set to start a trial of low-price mobile-only plans starting at just Rs 65. Netflix is currently offering a basic plan starting at Rs 500, the standard plan starting at Rs 650 and platinum plan starting at Rs 800. There  is a catch in this 7 day subscription plan i.e the video streaming will only be possible through smartphones and not Laptops or PCs. Another limitation is that the video content will not be streamed in HD or UHD quality. This will limit users watching their favorite TV shows and movies to SD quality.

In India, streaming services provided by Amazon Prime, Hotstar are cheaper than Netflix. This new subscription plan targeting a selected set of customers can be a breakthrough for Netflix in being able to attract successfully more Indian customers to it.


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