Youth dies while playing PUBG for 45 days continuously!

The news of a 20-year old youth from Jagitial district of Telangana, dying while playing the PUBG game is false. The claim that the death was caused by continuous gaming for 45 days has been denied by a report of Times of India. Dr. Raj Kiran, who was treating him, provided the much-needed clarification.

“He was suffering from a serious infection and was undergoing treatment. Sagar’s unfortunate demise has absolutely no connection with PUBG or any other games he may or may not have been addicted to. In fact, reports suggesting that he suffered paralysis are also false.”

The boy’s name was Sagar and was brought to a hospital in Hyderabad, but died while undergoing the treatment.

His friends had made a video to cheer him up, that went viral. Sadly, it made others believe that he died due to PUBG gaming.

But this doesn’t mean that mobile gaming is totally safe. Recently there have been many instances of youths dying while playing other addictive and popular games. In 2016, Pokemon Go android game caused many deaths and severe accidents across the globe.

Recently, the duration of playing PUBG in India was restricted to six hours a day. After six hours of limit, the game issues a warning to the players.


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