Sometimes you would have encountered the situations where you had to install multiple applications on your PC. Doing this is a tedious job, you will have to download them one by one. Although this isn’t a tiresome process, it is time taking. There are lots of options you have to go through while installing every application and installing multiple applications is a waste of time. Moreover, there is a risk of the software being downloaded from untrustworthy sources, which may cause damage to the system.

This is where Ninite comes to the rescue. It is a special tool designed by keeping these problems in mind, it can install multiple programs in one sitting. Ninite is a free tool to download, install and update various windows programs. It is also safe for getting freeware. The software thrives to offer hassle-free and safe applications, you should give it a try.


Ninite is capable of installing all the applications you select all at once without you to agree at every step, it also intelligently declines to install any additional application bundled with the software. You just have to select the programs to install from the Ninite website. Ninite then downloads all the packages in a single file. All you have to do is run that setup, the rest will be done be Ninite.

Safe software

If you need more than just simplicity to adapt to Ninite then consider the security factor too. Of course, the freeware software can be downloaded from anywhere else. But there isn’t any trustworthy site to provide all these software in one place. Ninite makes sure you get the most recent and stable version of the application being installed. So, you don’t have to worry about the authenticity of the installers. The people at Nitnite are very quick to give updates and update their websites every couple of hours.

But remember that Nintite only has a repository of all the freeware software, so you still have to download all the paid software from the official site.

Ninite installs and manages it all

Ninite not just installs applications, but also keeps you updated. When you launch your Ninite installer again, it checks the internet for any updates to your list of applications. If there is a newer version available, Ninite automatically downloads and updates the application in the background. All you need to do is to double click on the Ninite installer.

Pricing and pro version

Ninite’s basic features are free for home use. To generate revenue, the parent company of Ninite, Secure by Design Inc. offers some paid services also.

A Ninite update is a small tool that runs at startup and checks for possible software updates every time. You can get it at $9.99 per year. It is designed for home users who want to support the Ninite project.

For corporate use, Ninite offers a $20 per month application called Ninite Pro. It allows the organization to centrally manage the software on up to 100 computers on a Windows operating system.

Final thoughts

Ninite is just amazing! There are many tasks made easy with every new update, but installing software is the same old tiresome process. Hopefully, Ninite helps to automate this process. This tool has been with us for quite some time now. It is a trusted destination for managing applications. Ninite is the place for freeware.

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