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Nintendo has recently launched its latest switch gaming console. It is quite unlike, but if you don’t know about the Switch, it is Nintendo’s gaming hybrid console. It provides the best features of any handheld gaming console, coupled with extra connectivity, and features.

The console is very versatile, you can use your Television as a display for your games. Also, while on the move you can grab the console to enjoy your favourite gaming sessions while travelling. The switch hasn’t been much popular, but still it redefines the gaming consoles of available in the market.


The controller has a versatile design, consisting of a 6.2-inch tablet that plugs into an HDMI/USB-C dock. The two removable Joy-Con can be inserted on the sides, otherwise you can use Bluetooth for them to work.

It is a bit chunky and has a 720p display, which is also capable to produce 1080p quality when plugged into the dock. Moreover, the console has a solid yet sleek metal finish which makes it really classy. It also comes with a kickstand at the back, which feels quite weak and it would have been better if Nintendo would have given it some more thought.

The switch’s detachable joy-cons make it a pleasure to use. Just be sure to hear a mechanical click after a digital click while placing the joy-cons. Otherwise, picking up the Switch by the controllers could lead to the tablet on the floor.


Nintendo claims a battery life of three to six hours, depending on the game. But, realistically, you can get around 3 hours at average gameplay, so there is nothing more to expect.

Therefore, if you plan to play all day long, then you can purchase a USB-C battery pack. There are plenty of options available, buy anyone which suits your budget.

Sophisticated Joy-Cons

The Joy-Cons are jammed up with all the tech you need. Each Joy-Con packs an analogue stick, four face buttons, trigger, bumper, accelerometer and gyroscope. Moreover, Nintendo’s haptic feedback engine and with the right Joy Con – an NFC reader for depth-tracking sensor.

Also, you can also place the Joy-Cons in the bundled grip. Thus, you can play using both joy-cons without the Switch crammed in between. Another great feature is the support for multiplayer gaming. The two Joy-Cons can be used as separate controllers for playing multiplayer supported games. Some of the multiplayer games are Tetris, Mario Kart, and Fake Draw.

Nintendo Interface

The user-friendly interface is also helps to navigate the Switch easily. Weather you are starting a game, tweaking the settings, or just browsing eShop, it’s very easy to use. Moreover, the interface is quite focussed on gaming, there are no video streaming apps or any other junk. Also, you can add friends you have met on Nintendo’s mobile apps, or use the smartphone app for the voice chat and game invites.


To get the console, you’ll have to shell out $ 299.99. But granted the accessories and the versatile console, the price is quite reasonable. While many of you may think of purchasing Xbox or PS4, but Nintendo Switch stands apart from these as it provides you the ability to play even on the go. Heavy weight consoles demand your presence, whereas Switch is available whenever opportunity strikes.

Nintendo has also unveiled it latest lite version of the Switch, which packs decent gaming capability at a quite less price of $ 199.

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