When it comes to automobiles, Nissan is definitely one brand to trust. Now, this brand is breaking barriers when it comes to creativity.¬†Nissan has introduced it’s prototype, the Nissan NV300, turning around the world of cars.

It includes a carpentry workshop that runs purely on electricity. The doors, on the inside, harbour the tools. It runs on a 700Wh Nissan Energy Roam. These are powered by second hand LEAF batteries that are re-utilized from other electric powered Nissan vehicles. It makes the Nissan NV300 offer an emission free and silent ride. The car also has a solar panel fitted on the top. This helps to recover a decent amount of power, besides acting as a secondary power source.

Interior of the Nissan NV300

A built-in touchscreen computer is present in the load area along with LED lighting in the ceiling. There is also and a combination of storage and swivel chairs that makes the NV300 more compact and space-saving.

This creative workshop-in-car idea is a popular coming of age idea whose popularity will explode soon in a few more years. Moreover, the environment friendly engine and recycled battery concept makes it all the more likeable.

The car is supposed to be available in Europe in spring 2019.


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