Telegram X

The much beloved version of Telegram, the Telegram X is making a major change. Notifications have been redesigned from scratch. The company’s calling them, “Notifications 2.0”

Telegram X has already ton of features which let you gain control of the tiniest aspects of the app. This new update will now let you have even finer control over the notifications.

As stated on their website, they bring “improved behaviour & reliability, new features & customisation, and reduced background battery usage.”

There is now better grouping of notifications. Moreover, Privacy is a major concern in this update. It gives you full control over mentions and replies. Instead of muting the entire chats, you can now override the settings for mentions and replies.

Some more features include blocking notifications from secret chats altogether. Also, the notifications are now grouped by chat type. You now have separate settings for channels as well. The notifications tray will remain clear. Once dismissed, the notifications won’t keep bugging you again.

You can now also clear all the Telegram X chats on your device remotely in case of a theft. Furthermore, some other changes include using system fonts instead of default fonts.

Performance and battery life has improved significantly with more changes under the hood. This update is immensely big and the folks over at Telegram saved us a sweat by detailing all of them here.



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