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OnePlus Has Accidentally Disabled The “OnePlus 8 Pro X-Ray” Feature On It’s Global Version Of Os. The Company Hadn’t Planned To Remove The Feature From It’s Global Os. They Said They’re Planning To Update The Feature, But The Recent Update Removed The Feature From Their Global Os Too. They Said They’ll Re-enable The Feature In Future OTA Update. You Can Read About The Controversial Feature Below:

OnePlus 8 Pro “X-Ray” Mode:

Oneplus 8 Pro Is Surfacing The Web For Its Unique But Controversial Feature. The Device Comes Onboard With A 5MP Color Filter Camera. Now Oneplus Claims This Camera Will Help You To “Turn Ordinary Scenes Into Surreal Landscapes”. The Device Was Launched In April, But Recently Users Found Out That The Photochrome Feature Is More Than What It Says. It Has A Hidden Feature Which Users Are Calling It OnePlus 8 Pro X-Ray Mode. Let The Following Video Explain This Feature To You:

Now As You Can See In The Video, The Photochrome Filter Allows You To See Through The Plastic Casing Of The Remote. This Was Also Observed With Other Products Like The Apple Tv Box Too. Lew Later From Unbox Therapy Also Proved That It Can See Through Thin Clothes Too.

OnePlus 8 Pro Camera Can See Through Black Thin Materials
Filter Off
OnePlus 8 Pro Camera Can See Through Black Thin Materials
Filter On
Image Credit: Tom’s Guide

Privacy Concerns With The OnePlus 8 Pro X-Ray Feature:

Obviously, A Lot Of People Had Privacy Concerns About This Filter. Oneplus Announced On Weibo That It Will Remove The Camera Filter For Its Chinese Version Of OS (Called Hydrogen OS). The Feature Will Be Operational In Its Global OS As Of Now, But The “X-Ray” Feature Will Be Removed In An Upcoming Update. The Company Also Said It Cannot See Through Thick Material But Also Apologized For The Privacy Concern Its Feature Raised.

OnePlus 8 Pro Camera Can See Through Black Thin Materials
Filter Off VS Filter On
Image Credit: Unbox Therapy


Now We Do Not Know Whether The Company Knew Beforehand About This Feature. According To Me, It May Be Difficult To Misuse This Feature But We Cannot Deny The Fact That It Can Be Misused. A Lot Of Misleading Information Was Circulating On Chinese Social Media, Thus The Company Had To Ultimately Disable This Camera Filter. The Feature Seems To Work By Capturing IR Light. All The People Who Had A Look On The One Plus 8 Pro Admitted That They Didn’t Understand The Presence Of The Color Filter Camera On This Phone. It Took Low-Resolution Photos And Provided Just Some Effect. This May Be An Indication That The Company Knew Beforehand About This “X-Ray” Thing The Camera Can Do. But We Cannot Be Sure About This.

The Controversial Color Filter Camera
The 5MP Color Filter Camera
Image Credit: OnePlus

OnePlus Is Not The First One:

This Is Not The First Time A Company Has Faced An Issue Like This One. In The Year 1998, Sony’s Handycam Had An Infrared Mode And Ran Into A Similar Controversy. Sony Later Removed This Feature From Its Later Versions.  Oneplus Plans To Do The Same. I Guess It Is A Logical Step To Do, Or Else The Company’s Brand Image Will Be Affected.

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