OnePlus 7 camera
Source: wccftech

OnePlus phones are known to be ‘flagship killers’. Offering premium features on a relatively cheaper smartphone, often matching, even beating the competition in areas like performance and software. But OnePlus devices have never been known for having great cameras.

Although, it seems like that is about to change as OnePlus recently released images apparently taken with the OnePlus 7 pro’s camera.

The images appear to make use of all three lenses, with one shot being a standard one, another being wide-angle and the third making use of the telephoto lens. The telephoto lens will be able to achieve 3x lossless zoom.

With the May 14th release fast approaching, Wired UK published an exclusive hands-on report on the OnePlus 7 pro’s camera.

The report detailed some other features of the camera-

  • A focus on a simple interface 
  • 0.3 seconds or less shutter lag
  • 10x digital zoom support
  • No time-of-flight (TOF) sensor
  • Auto HDR enabled by default
  • A “more natural” portrait mode

“I think we have a shot at competing with the first tier phones,” said OnePlus imaging director Simon Liu. He admits, though, that they still have some way to go before they outdo the competition, “I don’t think we can beat them, but the imaging world is always subjective.”

Liu also said OnePlus is actively looking to gather feedback on the camera to make improvements for the next device, presumably OnePlus 7T.

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