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The way that you buy and install your tires is revolutionising. Gone are the days of trying to find stores that stock the exact kind of tires that you prefer and then worrying about their installation. Brands like Pep Boy Tires, Amazon, Goodyear and Firestone are rapidly capitalising on an improved tire buying experience and related automobile services. 

In Dallas, Goodyear recently converted its 14 general car maintenance stores to ‘Just Tires,’ which are dedicated not just to selling tires, but also providing premium related services. Just Tires guarantees the installation of four new tires in an appointed hour or $100 will be shaved off the price. They have been testing a similar concept in Washington D.C., called ”Roll by Goodyear” where customers can buy tires online or in a showroom, drop off their keys, or have their car picked up and delivered back to a location of their choice.

Pep Boy Tires has been selling tires from all major brands at discounted rates, along with other parts and auto services. Late last year, Pep Boy Tires became one of the largest service networks to collaborate with Amazon. Customers across the country can now buy tires at Amazon to have them delivered to their locations and installed by Pep Boys Tires experts. This is carried out through a simple mechanism where the customer is prompted to select a local service provider and preferred installation date and time when shopping for tires on Amazon. Pep Boys Tires is the largest national service chain without an affiliation to an original equipment manufacturer. Hence, they are able to offer a large variety of tires, which is further augmented by their collaboration with Amazon. As a result, customers can now access perhaps the largest variety of tires possible online, along with expert installation services, all from the comfort of their homes.  

Firestone also offers a seamless buying experience for your tire needs. Customers select the tire specifications, such as width, aspect ratio and diameter. Subsequently, customers can also receive customised tire recommendations based on the features that they most value. While tires cannot be bought online, all the details and recommendations can be determined on the website, and then customers can easily find a store nearest to them which has their chosen tire in stock.



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