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The social pressure nowadays for being in a relationship and the perception of being single as an extremely undesirable situation send us all in a frenzy looking for someone to connect with. In this race for finding a significant other, we turn to various types of spheres for dating and meeting people, each with its own virtues and vices. However, not all of us are confident, extroverted individuals with an inherent knack for socialising and comfortably making conversation with virtual strangers. We’ll come to the pitfalls of online personals in a minute. 

Online personals or online dating sites, like Tinder, have emerged as a supposedly non-intimidating tool for people who cringe at the very thought of going up to strangers and making conversation. The concept has gained popularity since it was started by in 1995. As per recent studies, “one in ten Americans have used an online dating site or mobile dating app themselves.”

While the emergence of online personals may seem like a revolution for introverts and wallflowers, it has become a crowded digital space, with its own set of disadvantages that can, at times, be worse than those of dating in real life. The sheer number of people that one can choose from can be highly overwhelming and confusing for a lot of people. People often end up mindlessly swiping on photos rather than starting an actual satisfying relationship. Moreover, there are more reasons as to why online personals cannot, in most cases, help a person start a meaningful relationship. Without any physical interaction, online dating, to begin with, it becomes difficult to fairly evaluate a match; also, unfortunately, but unsurprisingly, users are prone to lying on online dating sites about their age, physical build, etc. Some even create entirely fake profiles. More than half of online daters have felt that someone built almost the entirety of their profile based on false information. 

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One of the most prevalent and concerning problems of online personals is the occurrence of cases of harassment, especially toward women. A large percentage of users report that they have received messages through an online dating site that made them feel harassed or uncomfortable.  

While online personals can be useful and somewhat liberating for those, statistics say you’re more likely to meet “the one” by being introduced through a mutual friend. So maybe, this will serve as a moment of realisation for you to venture out into the physical word(as intimidating as that sounds), and make real human connections that could lead to meaningful relationships. 

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