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snake game
Snake game on Google search results

Do you get nostalgic thinking about retro games? Now you don’t have to worry anymore.
The ‘Play snake’ game launched by Google lets you enjoy the feel of this game.
Google has taken inspiration from the classic arcade game and built it online on HTML5.

History of Snake Game:

Like many other games on Google, ‘Play snake’ has also gained its popularity as a mini-game. The original game was introduced in 1976 as ‘Blockade’ which was very much similar to snake. However, that game was designed only for two players and couldn’t be played alone. In this game, two players would be playing simultaneously and over a period of time, player 1 can block player 2’s path.

Blockade game

Later, this game was turned into a snake where a single player can play his game. It became prominent when Nokia launched its 6110 model in the year 1997. This was the beginning of snake era in our mobile phones. Since then, it gained a number of users across the world.


The new model 3310, which was launched back then, gave Snake an actual snake-like form, and bonuses on the way to pick up. Moreover, mazes were added to make the game more interesting and challenging.

Thereon, Snake acquired its significant position in theGaming industry. Over the years, it has improved its versions and finally, Snake 3 marked its place in Snake game. Recently, the 3-d version of the game was launched in N70, N73, and N80 smartphones.

Snake 3D in N70

Try playing snake:

Until 2012, YouTube allowed the gameplay that used the 2010 version of the player. By pressing left key + right key + home/end key, the game used to appear and could be played in the video screen. Gmail also allowed ‘Old Snakey’ version which was then removed in its successive versions.

To play this game on Google, you can simply type “Play Snake” in Google search bar or you can visit this link for the exclusive version https://elgoog.im/snake/.

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