Pokémon Go
Source:The Verge

Niantic Labs announced a new feature for the popular game- Pokémon Go. This is going to make augmented reality (AR) and the game’s fans very content. The feature is Go Snapshot.

  1. Previously, one could only take AR photos of Pokémons that one encountered in the wild with AR+. With Go Snapshot, a person can take AR photos of any Pokémon in their storage. After selecting one, you’ll see a camera icon that takes you to the snapshot tool. From there, toss a Poké Ball to wherever you want to position it.

If you are not satisfied with your Pikachu’s initial position, you can move them around to get the perfect angle. You will also be able to tap or brush a Pokémon to seize their attention. Also, any picture you take with Go Snapshot will automatically be saved to your phone’s gallery.



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