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The game that took the world by storm when it first released in 2016, Pokemon Go has managed to keep up to all the hype surrounding it and arguably do better than everyone expected it to. It was developed by Ninatic and has grossed huge amount of money for the company right from when it was first released. 

While the hype surrounding it has lessened, the earnings seem to be doing better than the previous years. Revenues hit the $795 million(Rs.5,600 crore approx.) in 2018, a 35% increase compared to the revenues in 2017.

The company released the highly awaited PvP(Player vs Player) mode, where the players could battle against their friends and other players either through the friends list or by scanning the unique QR code of each player.

Sensor Tower, a research firm says that the in game spending in December, 2018 went over $75 million(Rs.530 crore approx.) as compared to $57.2 million(Rs.400 crore approx) in December, 2017. Players in the US spent the most in the game, contributing to 33% of the gross revenue, while the Japanese contributed to 30% of the gross revenue.

Sensor Tower’s, Randy Nelson says that if Ninatic continues providing frequent updates and adds similar content regularly, the game’s revenues could surpass the $3 billion mark in 2019.


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