Pokemon Ruby Rom

Pokemon Ruby is the third generation pokemon rom from Nintendo. If you’re a fan of pokemon games, there’s no way that you haven’t heard of this game.

After the release of the most successful games, Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green on the Gameboy, Nintendo took a further step with this rom.

A lot of new features were introduced with this rom. Let’s explore the game now.

Game Plot

The game takes place in the Hoenn region of the Pokemon world. It is one of the most celebrated regions with kickass starters.

You start the game as a son/daughter of the famous gym leader Norman moving into the Little Toot village. He owns the Verandurturf gym and you can battle him later on in the game.

Of course, this game has Professor Birch replacing Professor Oak. You receive your first starter pokemon from Professor Birch.

Now you don’t need to worry about choosing your favorite starter because all the starters in the Hoenn region are only the best.

Mudkip’s final evolution Swampert had only one weakness and great stats, while Sceptile is one of the fastest pokemon. Don’t forget Blaziken’s fiery kicks and cool looks.

What’s a game without a villain? The protagonist in this version is Team Magma, an evil association lead by Maxie with the aim of creating new land for humans to live.

He, later on, messes up just as other pokemon villains and you will save the day (again!). You can be a lot more than a hero in this game though.

New Features

There are a lot of new features introduced in this game. As in the classical pokemon anime, you get to participate in Pokémon contests!

You’ll get to make all kinds of stuff with your berries and feed them to your pokemon. Pokemon which eat the muffins will have increased attributes (like coolness, toughness, etc), which will be a huge advantage in the contests.

Other features include the Devin scope. In some parts of the game, you’ll encounter wild species which can’t be seen. You can use this Devon scope to battle them and catch them.

The Weather institute in the game is also a great addition. You know what will be fun? If you have a pokemon that can change itself with the weather.

You can expect nothing less from a game featuring the weather trio. The game also introduces Castform, a pokemon which changes types based on the weather.

There’s also a rocket launch center which doesn’t okay a major role in the game per se. But if you play the 3d version of the game i.e Pokemon Omega Ruby, there’s a whole lot story to it.

Apart from this, you can catch The Legendary pokemon that features on the cover page. The pokemon Kyogre, however, can only be caught in the Saphire game.

So, if you want to have the whole weather trio in the game, you’ll have to trade with someone.

Guys and gals if you’re looking for classic and revolutionary gameplay, we suggest you choose Pokemon Ruby rom, but if you’re a fan of more advanced graphics, you better choose Omega Ruby, which is available for Nintendo 3ds.

Here are the download links for Pokemon Ruby rom. Be sure to check them out. Pokemon Ruby Download Pokemon Ruby Rom

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