Privacy Policy

Being internet users like you, we realize the importance of Privacy Policy and hence consider it always for


When you mention your email address and subscribe to receive our newsletters, then this email is solely used to send you an email. Your email address is not given to any entity or individual outside and even not to any 3rd party services.


In order to comment it is essential to provide your name and email. Your name is displayed on the comment and in case you provide your website(totally optional), then a user can reach there. Your email is however not shared with anyone.


Cookies do not save any personal information. Still, if you’d like to know, cookie is a text file saved on your pc. When you come to our website, it helps our website to recognize you. Some 3rd party services like Google Analytics utilize it to understand user behavior.


In case you come across a link that redirects you to for a purchase, then its most likely to be an affiliate link. This earns us a small commision in case you purchase from there.

This page was last modified on 17th November 2018. We would try to always keep it up to date, and might also inform you about the same.

If there’s anything more you’d like to know, kindly send us an email at [email protected].