Can’t resist playing Playstation when you aren’t at home? Here’s a simple solution to your problem- Playstation Emulator (PCSX2). It is a free program which replicates the console to enable the gaming on your Laptop or PC.

There are a variety of Emulators available on the internet. You can download the emulator software through this link for your Laptop or PC. Once you’re done with the download and installation, you can start the emulator and run it in your system.

Advantages of using Emulator over the console are:

You can customize the resolution of the screen up to 4096*4096 which gives a better look to your old PC games.
With unlimited memory cards, you can install a number of games compared to that of the console.
Any controller is compatible with the system on the Windows, keyboard, and mouse.
You can easily save the last active state of your game and can come back later and restore it back.
The game speed can be increased or decreased using the speed-limiter inside the console. This allows faster grinding of the games and can slow down at hard spots.
Using the video recorder, the game can always be recorded and stored in your PC.
It cuts off the excessive price range of consoles and provides the same service at a much less rate.

PS2 Emulator running on Mac OS

Using the console:

Download the best version that is suited for your computer from the official website.
Get the BIOS file from the console and install PCSX2.
Configure the emulator by following the instructions from the configuration guide.
Insert the disk into your PC or create an ISO image of the disc.

Recommended System Configurations:

OS must be Windows7 or higher version or Linux.
CPU: Intel Haswell 4xxx series or better.
GPU: DirectX GPU or higher
RAM must be equal to or greater than 4GB.

Once you get the system with recommended configurations, you are good to go!

Do comment down below if there is an issue with the installation/ problem with the emulator.



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