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The famous game PUBG has been, now, officially banned by Rajkot Police. This order, only, came into effect after Police had a look at the negatives of the game. Apparently, the city administrator took the decision to let children calm down and to focus on their exams.

According to a tweet by Rajkot Police, playing PUBG is a punishable offence until April of 2019.


The circular also imposes a ban on the momo challenge. According to the DNA, Manoj Agrawal, Police Commissioner of Rajkot said, “We issued the notification against both the games. Due to increasing violent behaviour of children and the youth, who were addictive to the game, we have imposed the ban.”

This is clearly not the first time, that, the game PUBG has been considered dangerous. It has more than 30 million users worldwide. It has been observed that the game clearly causes a spike in anger and distracts player’s attention from the real-time surroundings.


What do you think about the game and the ban imposed, let us know in the comments below.


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