PUBG: Player Unknown Battle Grounds, the most popular smartphone game has now pushed another update. Update 0.12.0 brings a set of new features like the Zombie mode and many more.

The update is available for beta users to download and test the latest features. The app brings the following features. First off, the zombie mode is the biggest change noticeable.

Available under the events section, this mode will let you exterminate or kill zombies for a certain time until rescue arrives!. The zombie mode is said to be much different wherein the player will have to exterminate all the zombies and also be the last one to survive.

PUBG Mobile Zombies

Speaking of weapons, the much-anticipated rocket launcher has been added. Meaning, now you can use rockets as a weapon in the game. Alongside, an explosive cross-bow has also been added.

Note: The above two weapons will be available in zombie mode only.

On top of weapons, a friendly spectate mode is also being added which allows your friends to spectate the game while playing.  The player’s information and the number of spectators will also be displayed.

PUBG Weapons

Speaking of other updates, the login screen will have a refreshed look. A new male voice for the quick voice chat will also be added to the game. The option will be available separately.

Note: The following features were seen on the Beta version of the game and the dates for it to roll out on the stable version are not known yet.

What do you think of the updates? Let us know in the comments section below.



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