Buy Xiaomi products from Apple Stores
Source: @AQaraSmartHouse

As we all know, Xiaomi products have always been inspired by Apple’s. Even the new features in the MIUI have been transparently copied from Apple. The press renders of Xiaomi products are also similar to Apple’s Products.

And now finally Xiaomi is selling some of its products through Apple Stores in China. Xiaomi also has several subsidiaries of IoT devices sold in China.

Xiaomi’s subsidiary, Shenzhen Green Rice Lienchiang Technology Co Ltd, sells IoT devices under the brand name Aqara and has recently launched some new products that are compatible with Apple HomeKit.

The Aqara Hub, which is used to control all products from Aqara are already compatible with Google Assistant. Now with the HomeKit support, Apple users can use Siri to control their Aqara IoT products.

Apple Stores are also availing some of Aqara’s products in China. Apple, apart from its own products, is also selling products that work with its own ecosystem.

Aqara products sold at Apple Stores come with ‘Works with Apple HomeKit’ branding. The  Xiaomi’s Mi Home Stores also sells these products in China. Xiaomi has not yet launched its IoT devices in India.

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