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Razer ornata chroma

razer ornata chroma
source: razer

Buying a gaming keyboard may seem easy at once, but with the abundance of the options in the market, you may get confused.

Razer can be your choice, Razer has been in the gaming community for quite a while, also razer doesn’t assemble ready-made parts and sell them like many gaming brands. Most of the razer device components are made in-house by Razer itself. This helps in quality control and custom hardware for better performance.

Razer ornata chroma is another addition to the vast gaming keyboard cavalry. But this keyboard separates itself from the crowd by its unique features. Also, you can check out Razer Deathadder elite mouse for a keyboard-mouse combo.

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Design and features

The most unique design upgrade on this keyboard is the addition of “mecha-membrane” technology, never heard this wacky term? It means that this keyboard is fused with the qualities of both, mechanical keyboards which are quite expensive and rather cheap membrane keyboards.

razer ornata chroma
source: Razer

The low-end membrane keyboard is good for general typing and browsing but will likely disappoint in intense gaming. At the same time, mechanical keyboards are high-end gaming focused switches but are not comfortable while typing, and they can be quite expensive.

Razer ornata chroma combines the qualities of both the keyboards in a pocket-friendly package. Essentially, the mecha-membrane switches are just as cushy as traditional membrane keys. Also, it has the tactile feel of the mechanical keys to enable swift actuation for each keystroke.

In addition to this, Razer has custom designed mid-height keycaps, These ‘mid-size’ keycaps reduce the time taken to register keystrokes, allowing your fingers to move freely between keys for a swift experience.

razer ornata chroma
source: razer



razer ornata chroma
source: Razer


Ornata also ships with an ergonomic wrist rest, custom made by Razer, the wrist rest features leather surface with plush padding, which ensures you are comfortable even after a long gaming marathon.


Razer is famous for the amazing backlighting technology in its keyboards, and ornata is not an exception. You can light up your keyboard like Christmas lights. The keyboard features full-fledged LED backlighting controllable by Razer’s Synapse software. Users can fully customize the LED pattern, and with 16.8 million color combinations, the possibilities are endless.

razer ornata chroma
source: razer

Additionally, the razer has coupled with gaming manufacturers to provide even more immersive gameplay. So now your keyboard will react according to the gameplay. This will give it a futuristic design.

The keyboard also has game mode, which will disable the windows key and other shortcuts, so now, that accidental press cannot ruin your game.


With this being a budget keyboard, Razer has done cost-cutting on some really needed features. The keyboard lacks USB/ Audio jack support which is generally common in other gaming keyboards.

The magnets within the wrist rest are not strong enough to hold. Users have reported that it tends to slide over time. Also, it does not have dedicated media keys, which is a major drawback for gamers. Even though this is a budget keyboard, but dedicated keys are very essential while gaming.


At $ 59.99 it is totally worth it, sure it has some pitfalls. But, regarding the price, it is a budget gaming keyboard and is very good at what it offers. If you were using a mechanical keyboard and you are used to the ‘clicky’ feel then you may be a little disappointed, but if you are upgrading from a membrane keyboard then you will love this. The keyboard comes with a 2-years warranty, you can purchase it from the official Razer site.


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