Good news for Xbox One users- Razer Turret, one of the most trusted hardware brands of gamers across the globe, has decided to launch a setup of a wireless keyboard and mouse for Xbox One. Expected to release in March 2019, it willl be available at a retail price of $249.99 and is also available for preorders.

Microsoft recently shook hands with Razer Turret to launch the wireless keyboard and mouse for Xbox One. One can easily connect the ensemble to their Xbox or PC with a USB Cable, through Bluetooth or through a USB Dongle. Razer’s signature light show, Chroma, adds to the aesthetic of the device, as it glows in more than 16 million colours. With Chroma turned off, the keyboard can last for a good 43 hours on a single charge and 50 hours on the mouse. But, with the lights glowing, the battery drains as the lifetime of the keyboard drops to 11 hours and 30 hours on the mouse.

Credit: Razer

The Razer Turret has integrated the keyboard and mouse into one unit, designed to make it comfortably sit on your lap. The keyboard sports a slide-out tray on the right to form a resting place for the mouse. There is also a slide-out wrist rest provided at the bottom. The mouse is supremely designed with seven hyperesponse buttons that perform different tasks.

One can also use other appliances by connecting them to the Xbox through the USB port. But for going wireless, one can only use the appliances that will be provided by Razer Turret.




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