Xiaomi Redmi with gradient colour and ultimate durability
Source: firstpost

The Xiaomi Redmi Y-series is launching Y3 on April 24th. The Mi India keeps updating their fans about the special features of the mobile. It released a teaser yesterday in their twitter account featuring its super-selfie phone.

The mobile has a 32MP selfie camera and 4000mAh battery, an upgrade of the Y2 model. These are the major perks of this budget mobile in the Redmi Y series.

The video highlights the build quality of the phone. It shows a Redmi Y3 dropped into a dustbin and kicked off the stairs. Although nobody would throw their mobile in dustbin this durability challenge does ensure the mobile’s durability.

The video exposed the outlook of the mobile. It has a distinct blue glossy finish at the back with its shiny surface creating a spectrum-like effect. Further, it confirms the dual camera with flash below it and a circular fingerprint sensor. However, this video did not reveal anything about the screen quality. The phone is thrown into the dustbin and then rolled down the stairs in which the dustbin handles the major torture and not the phone.

The Redmi Y3 is believed to be in the range of .10000/-  and is first released in India. It is indeed the best mobile for this budget. The Mi India also claims to have a few more surprises to reveal on April 24.


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