reimage repair

While we rely on an antivirus program to secure our system from malware and virus. But in some cases it manages to corrupt any important system file, then it can be very difficult for the system to work even after the malware is removed.

Using Reimage Repair

reimage repair

It is a repair utility that can help to fix the Windows operating system from damages caused by viruses and malware without the user having to reinstall windows.

The utility is great and works fine to help control the damage. It re-installs bad or missing components without the need to restart the computer or performing the full reinstall of the operating system.

After continuous PC usage, the system tends to go slow. Using Reimage utility can help to restore the system’s peak performance. The software works on the patented windows repair technology by replacing system files automatically. It’s like a clean windows installation in one hour, without losing any programs, settings or any user data.

After installing the program you just need to scan the system, it automatically indexes the system for possible errors. Moreover, it has antivirus definitions provided by Avira to scan for malware present in the system.

What it can do

You should know what to expect from the software. Reimage can help you to fix the following problems

  • Chronic Windows errors
  • Damage after a virus or malware infection
  • Unknown problems such as repeated crashes and freezes
  • File corruption problems such as with DLLs
  • Repeated Blue screen of deaths

But it can’t help you with the following problems

  • Third-party software problems such as firefox or photoshop.
  • However, if any software is not running due to an error in windows then Reimage can help.
  • It can detect the virus but can’t block them.
  • Physical device error.

Final thoughts

Reimage works fine for what it is meant to do. But it is a paid software, so it seems to scare the user by pointing out normal errors as critical and tricking the user into purchasing the software. But the ultimate decision is always yours to make.

Most of the times the problem is not very big and you always have the option of reinstalling the operating system. Also, install the software from the official site only, as the software has permission to change critical system files and can infect the system if the software is malware-infected.


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