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The Resident Evil 3D gaming series was started by Japanese developer Capcom way back in 1996. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is the third instalment in the series, taking place around the events left off in Resident Evil 2.
A remake of Resident Evil 2 was released this year in January. Following the success and popularity of it, Capcom has suggested that there may be a Resident Evil 3 remake on the way. Capcom producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi told GameWatch that as long as fans “voiced their enthusiasm,” the company would look at updating the third game in the series. If we infer from this that work on the remake hasn’t started yet, we can figure out a tentative timeline for its release. The Resident Evil 2 remake was announced in late 2015 and came out in early 2019, which means it should approximately three years for Capcom to produce the Resident Evil 3 remake. 

However, there are sources which state that a Resident Evil 3 remake may already be in production, one of them being Dusk Golem, who has accurately leaked information about the Resident Evil franchise in the past. He did not predict how far along the production was or what platforms it would be available on.

Capcom has also been dropping some hints over the past couple of months on its social media about the possibility of a Resident Evil 3 remake. One of them was a tweet with a screenshot from the Resident Evil 1 remake, showing Jill Valentine, the main player character in Resident Evil 3. The comment with the tweet, “ever feel like somebody’s watching you…?” has been suggested as a reference to the way Nemesis is constantly watching and hunting Jill in the sequel.


This was shortly followed by another tweet with an image from the Resident Evil 2 remake showing a massive hole in the wall in the shower room of the RPD building, that looks like something has broken through it. Resident Evil 3 starts somewhere around this event, as Mr X had not yet been dropped to the station, which is why this could be a reference to Nemesis.

Whether or not these tweets really are hints pointing towards a Resident Evil 3 remake, the possibility is high nevertheless. Stay tuned. 



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