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PC Matic is an antivirus and system performance boosting software for your computer. It has gained a lot of hype in the US because of its widespread TV advertising campaign. Its parent company, PC Pitstop, has taken a very traditional approach to the marketing of their software. For example, there is no free trial version of PC Matic that you can use to decide whether you wish to invest your $50 in it. However, the glowing reviews online about the software have prompted an increasing number of people to purchase it nonetheless. It does have a 30-day money-back guarantee, though, in case you are still sceptical. 

The interface has earned some criticism. It is filled with messy text with spelling and grammar errors – which can trigger our OCD awfully – large icons and comic-book style popups. While the interface is still user-friendly, it is not something that will be particularly pleasing to the eye. 

Coming to the actual performance and effectiveness of PC Matic, the way it fights back online threats is not based on any traditional signature/heuristic scanning techniques. It uses whitelisting to eliminate the malware in your computer, along with Fileless Script Block and RDP Port Controls to ensure maximum safety. While the software is much more than an antivirus, its protection is perhaps one of the best you can get right now. It earned a 100% detection rating in a series of tests run by Virus Bulletin. The drawback here is that a large number of legit programs are blocked. Users report that it can block up to 800 valid programs, apart from all the malware.

The performance enhancement feature of PC Matic has also received much appreciation. It runs a full scan with complete disc fragmentation, performance tweaks and malware detection, beginning by checking for and fixing any issues in the OS. The scan takes barely 5-10 minutes, at the end of which you get a detailed report about all the issues slowing down your PC, like junk files and non-essential OS tasks. Upon your command, PC Matic can fix all of them in another 5-10 minutes. 

The compatibility is excellent – PC Matic can run on Windows XP onwards. It takes up a surprisingly low amount of system storage. With hardware requirements of a 1GHz CPU, 512MB RAM, and 1GB of free space on the hard drive, PC Matic is likely the lightest antivirus + performance enhancement tool available right now. 

Another great aspect is the affordable pricing. The annual subscription costs $50 and the lifetime one costs $150, both allowing for optimisation across 5 devices. 

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If you have used it and have any reviews, let us know in the comments down below!


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