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The ring is a security company that was recently acquired by Amazon. This followed the expansion of the Ring. Ring started just with smart doorbell rings, but now it has launched its first home security system. Also, the price is quite easy on the wallet. Let’s see what you can get out of the whole security system.

In the box

ring alarm system

  • Base station- The hub of your wireless home security network. Includes a siren and backup battery power for up to 24 hours.
  • Keypad- Arms and disarms your Ring Alarm Security System. Mount to walls or use as a portable keypad.
  • Range extender- Extends the signal from your Ring Base Station to other Ring Alarm components.
  • Contact sensor- Notifies you when doors or windows open. Mounts to doors or window frames.
  • Motion detector- Detects motion inside your home. Mounts to room corners or flat walls.

The DIY package

This security system is far better than the traditional one. You can install it by yourself within 20 minutes. You can also reinstall it to other place in case you need to shift to a new house.

All the tools required to mount the whole system is included in the package. If you already have the ring doorbell, then you will be happy to know that it integrates with the system in the app to provide integrated feedback. Conversly, if this is your first ring device, then the app has all the tutorial to set up the whole system.

In order to use the system, you have to get a permit from the local government agency, ring automatically tells you the nearest place from your residence.

Start securing

After you are done with installation, you can set the system to different modes.

ring alarm system

“Away” mode should be enabled when you are not at home, all the alarm systems are engaged and realtime alerts are transmitted to the app.

“Home” mode disables the security systems inside the home, but the exterior security systems are still enabled.

“Disarmed” mode disables all the security systems, it can be used if you are hosting a party as there are many people moving in and out of the house.

The whole system can be armed/disarmed from the keypad, additionally you can also lock it remotely from the app.

Professional support

When the alarm is triggered, ring’s central monitoring system calls you to verify the verbal code you have set up, if failing to reach you they ask for the same from your emergency contact. Still, if they are unable to reach you or you don’ t remember the code (you better remember it.) they will send the emergency responders to your house.

ring alarm system

Alternatively, you can also get your house monitored by professional team at an affordabe price. The monitoring team will automatically trip the alarm and notify the police in case of any emergency. You get a free trial for 30 days. After that, you can avail a monthly pack of $ 10 per month or yearly subscription of $100 per year.

Warranty and stuff

Ring offers standard 1 year warranty on all parts, and guarantees tamper-proof devices mounted outside the house. Also, it will replace the video doorbell for free, if someone manages to steal it.


Well, the package is great and totally justifies its price, there are many expensive options in the market, but ring is quite good. Certainly it does not support voice integration yet, but as ring is aquired by amazon so we can see alexa integration soon. So, if you are in for affordable yet reliable security then this can be the one. You can buy the kit for $ 199.00 from the official site.


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