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Samsung recently announced that it completed development of its next-gen 5nm semiconductor process and is ready to ship samples. The giant used its Extremely UltraViolet (EUV) technology for manufacturing.

The 5nm process boasts about making 25% smaller chips and 20% more power efficient. Samsung claims the 5nm process to have 25% more logic, area efficiency with 20% lesser power consumption or to draw the same power with 10% higher performance.

The 5nm EUV node will be based on the same EUV lithography process, like the 7nm EUV-based node. It will be manufactured at Samsung’s Hwaseong Foundry.

The giant had begun its mass production of the 7nm process earlier this year. Samsung already distributed samples to its customers who will reuse the 7nm node intellectual property rights to the 5nm node.

Samsung looks forward to beginning its production of the new process in 2020. The foundry looks forward to expanding its capacity and speed up production by the time. 

The company already has a 6nm process in the making and the mass production of it may begin by the end of this year. We are guessing the 6nm process is a lower cost process and will seem fit for mid-range and upper mid-range products.

Further, when its time for the commercial production of the 5nm EUV node, the Galaxy S lineup must be begun. Just recently, Samsung began mass production of its 5G network chips and is all set to prove its industry leadership with the new 5nm process nodes.

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