For more than a year we have seen manufacturers placing multiple cameras atleast on the rear end of their device. Be it a budget phone like the Honor 9 Lite or the premium flagship like Samsung Note 9, dual camera setup is very common.

In this race of camera functionalities, Samsung has recently introduced the Galaxy A9, which it claims is the world’s first quad camera phone.

It is equipped with an ultra wide camera to cover an area almost as much as seen by the human eye. A telephoto cam, which enables 2 times optical zoom, yet retaining the resolution and sharpness. A 24MP primary camera, handling minute details and even low light conditions. Lastly a 5MP depth capturing lens, with an option to vary the blur impact on your photos.


On top of this there are also some AI features pushing your captured media to another level.

Other features include a notch less 6.3 inch sAmoled screen. 6GB/8GB of ram and 128 GB of storage. A massive 3800 mAh battery and a Snapdragon 660 chipset to power all of this.

The device is expected to be priced at INR 39,000(Euro470) .

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