Samsung galaxy s10 fingerprint scanner can be fooled

Samsung's new ultrasonic fingerprint sensor seems to be a failure as a guy from Imagur posts a video of successfully fooling the sensor with a 3d printed model.

Samsung Galaxy s10
Here's an image of Galaxy s10

After a lot of prototypes and setbacks, Samsung launched the world’s first mobile phones with an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor built in the display of Samsung Galaxy s10 and s10+. Qualcomm the renowned chipmaker is behind this technology. Any phone which uses Snapdragon 855 will be able to use this sensor. Samsung claimed that this technology is one of the world’s safest technologies available to date.

Well, the Internet proves it wrong (as always). In the multimedia sharing website Imgur, a user named “darkshark” posted a video of unlocking a Samsung Galaxy s10 with a 3d model of his fingerprint. The irony, he fooled the software in less than 3 minutes while it took many years to build it. (3d printing took less than 13 minutes)

I attempted to fool the new Samsung Galaxy S10’s ultrasonic fingerprint scanner by using 3d printing. I succeeded.


He used a simple smartphone, photoshop, and a 3d printer to do this. First, he took a picture of his fingerprint on the side of glass. He improved a few aspects like contrast, etc (since the fingerprint was faint). He then used photoshop to make an alpha mask and a 3ds max software to convert it into a 3d model and printed the same using a 3d printer.

When he pressed the 3d model against the sensor with gloves …… BAAM!! It worked well and good.

This process also seems to be possible from across a room with a DSLR with a long focal length. With their reputation at stake, neither Samsung nor Qualcomm developers officially responded to this yet.

Well, this is not the first time this happened. Apple’s iPhone X can be unlocked by a 3d model of the face with face recognition.

For now, people look out for creeps with cameras they can unlock your phone within 3 minutes (faster than Maggi) from across a room. Make sure your details are properly Secured. Using a complex password is also recommended.


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