Samsung S10 Plus users have reported signal issues
Source: xda-developers

Samsung S10 Plus has been regarded as the best smartphone of 2019 so far. But recently, some of the users owning it have reported signal strength issues.

Some of the forum threads have been observed by Android Police. The users have said that Galaxy S10 Plus has the worst signal strength ever, compared to its predecessors.

Weak signals have been reported by the users who are on T-Mobile and AT&T carriers. However, few of them have fixed this issue by disabling bands 41 and 25.

The portal Android Police itself had experienced weak signals on the S10 Plus. It was comparably less than that of Galaxy S9, OnePlus 6T, and Google Pixel 3. It was seen that the device loses its signals highly when used without a case.

Other websites are saying that this issue will be fixed by a software update, hopefully.

If you are planning to go for the S10 Plus, then its best to wait till the problem is actually solved by Samsung.


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